Note Being a veteran myself, I do offer a $25.00 discount to other veterans for home inspections.

Home Inspection Services and fees 

  When you hire a home inspector, you are hiring an experienced professional who has training and experience in the building industry. It is the job of the home inspector to not only evaluate the condition of the house's major systems and structural integrity, but also to evaluate how these systems are working together and identify areas that need to be watched, repaired or replaced.

  As your home inspector I will give you the Big Picture analysis of the house you are purchasing. I will identify the need for a costly, detailed analysis of any of the houses' systems or structures, I will  recommend the appropriate professional, which may be an experienced engineer with expertise  in analyzing that particular system or structure.  

   Hiring a Professional Engineer on your own can be a disappointing experience. The term Professional Engineer does not mean that the individual has training or experience conducting home inspections. Additionally, a home inspection does not involve engineering analysis. Therefore, hiring a Professional Engineer to complete a home inspection undoubtedly costs more, but it may not give you the results you desire and deserve.

My home inspection service is primarily a visual inspection, but not technically exhaustive, of the structural elements and systems which are accessible. That is, I cannot see behind walls, tiles, or take things apart to see what might be a present or future problem.   This typically includes:


  1. Foundation
  2. Roofing
  3. Exterior, walls, siding etc...
  4. Porches and decks
  5. Attic
  6. Electrical systems
  7. Plumbing systems
  8. Interior
  9. Doors and windows
  10. Heating and air conditioning systems
  11. Ventilation
  12. Fireplaces
  13. Kitchens
  14. Bathrooms
  15. General notes on issues


I strongly encourage you to accompany me on the home inspection, so that you may ask questions and gain a better understanding of the systems in the home.

   I also strongly recommend you read the Internachi "standards of Practice" prior to the home inspection. I also follow the NH/SOP. There are many false impressions made in the media, and companies that suggest they can find the best home inspector for you. Remember, these companies generally charge a fee to those who are recommended. Sometimes those who do not pay a fee, may be listed without any contact information. All inspectors are not the same in their performances.

 If you have any questions, or have an interest in any other services, please contact me, Stephen DeCosta, so I may discuss your needs and expectations.

Pricing for basic Inspection Services. Please note that being through for the benefit of the client is ethical and important to me:  What I provide to my clients, given on site, is a full report in a three ring binder. This includes a full description of defects and recommendations. The report is usually sixteen pages, and does take time to fill out. Not only that, I will also send pictures via email, and sometimes I will also send an addendum with an overview of issues and property condition. 

 Most every home is different, that is why pricing varies. This is not a complete list of the services we can provide. Please contact me if the service you would like are not listed.   


Up to  1200 sq. ft., condominiums
up to   2000 sq. ft. Homes
$ 375.00
2000 to 2800 sq. ft.  Homes


 over 2800 sq.ft. call for estimate,number of baths, etc.           $475.00
  Barns; price varies with size and use.

 Additional charges are listed below.

1. Detached garages----$50.00 per/bay

2. Attached garages, over two bays --$50.00 per bay

3. additional kitchens ---$75.00

4. In-law apartment ---$125.00

5. Log Homes Plus ----$50.

6. Foreclosures---------$50.

7. Over 50 years old--$50.

8. over 75 years old -- $75.00

9. Over 100years old---$100.

10. Duplex--------------$200.00

11. Triplex ------------$250.00

12.Multiple living units $125.00 each




  Additional charges for other services, return trips $1. per/mile, etc.
  Note; prices may vary dependent on square footage, or commercial.
 Also; Hand delivered lab tests on Friday thru Sunday, and the day before a holiday, there is a $1/per mile charge / UPS does not deliver.



  sample tests, labs , water tests, please ask for quotes
   A Basic water safety test, generally provided by public water, would include; total Coliform, E.Coli., Bacteria, Nitrate. My cost, with a home inspection; is $80.00.  Water can generate many issues in the plumbing systems of a home, I generally recommend a comprehensive water test that will expose  other issues of concern.  Radon in the water is $60.00, with a home inspection. 
  Radon Air tests- with the home inspection [two vials] is $110.00 plus a return millage fee of $1.00 per mile for later return trip and pick up.  


  Note ; Fees can vary because of complexity, age, and size. Please feel free to call for a quote. Ask to speak to Stephen DeCosta, Thank you.

 Phone 603 536 3331 or cell 603 381 3331






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