What is a Cert ?

    A "cert" is an abreviation for "certification" ; and that is the process by which I go to a location, fill in the nessassary forms, take a picture in some instances, and independently confirm to whoever sends me; that the items requested are evaluated and reported. 

  The reports are sent back to the party of record, by their direction.

  This process is usually requested by lending institutions, so that monies requested from contractors or others can be released upon satisfactory confirmation that the work has been performed as stated, and according to contract.  This generally applies to new construction in progress, remodeling, and renovations. 

  The fees for this service can vary, dependent on; number of certs per visit, time involved, and milage. If I can be of service to you in this area , please contact me directly for prices, availability, and dates.

  Thank you, Yankee Home Inspection

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